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Because Romana Deserves Love, Too

Welcome to Romanafen

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All Romana, all the time.
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This community was created by melengro on 22 August 2007, when it sunk into his head that there was no general Romana community on livejournal.

He has a lot of ideas of this sort. Many aren't very good.

Things that are good include: rambling about Romana, icons of Romana, fic featuring Romana, discussions of Romana, and Romana in general. Which is exactly what this community is for.

About romanafen

For those who don't know, Romana was a character on the long-running British science-fantasy television series Doctor Who from 1978 to 1980, as well as featuring prominently in several spin-offs of varying quality. She was played by Mary Tamm and Lalla Ward, respectively.

She is generally made of epic win.

It's recommended that you know who Romana is before you join, but it isn't compulsory. You'll learn.

The Rules

1. You do not talk about romanafen.
2. You do not talk about romanafen.
3. Stay vaguely on-topic, please. We've been known to get pretty off-topic before, but all of our posts are at least tangentially related to Romana (even the kooky conspiracy theories). Do not post about football, MTV, Lord Lucan, or anything else that's not vaguely related to Romana. That said, Lord Lucan/Romana probably could work, if done well.
4. No bashing. Most of us probably share quite a few fannish opinions, but not all of us do, and there are a lot of contentious issues in any fandom, especially this one. Although this hasn't been enforced very stringently in the past (especially with regards to certain producers of late...), please don't attack on characters, actors, pairings or the show management, et hoc genvs omne. We all get frustrated, but there's no need to do it here.
5. a. That said, internet drama is always a worthy cause, as long it's made very, very obvious that it's in jest.
b. Also, some of us have Richard-Dawkins-related issues, but this really isn't the time or place. This is also about as tangential as one can get, so do let's try to avoid it. The one time we forgot this rule, nobody came out looking particularly good.
6. Introduction posts are fine, but please bring some actual content with you.
7. Massive amounts of screed, large images, spoilers, etc. go behind cuts, please.
8. Do not argue with a troll--it means that they win.
9. a. There are no real rules about posting as long as it's Romana-related.
b. There are no real rules about moderation either--enjoy your ban (just kidding, we've never banned anyone).
10. Rick Astley is never gonna: give you up, let you down, run around and desert you, make you cry, say goodbye, or tell a lie and hurt you.
11. We try to maintain an air of controlled insanity, but we don't need any characters coming around trying to give the joint atmosphere. So don't.


All our beautiful graphics, including icons and banners, were made by the wonderful sneakyangel.

Our shiny layout is by street_of_mercy.


Although some Doctor/Romana stuff will probably end up on here, as that is the way of Romanafandom, it is worth noting that this is technically a gen comm. Technically.


- needsmoarromana, the Great Romana Watch/Rewatch-a-thon.

- sallyromana, a community for the theory that Sally Sparrow (from the episode 'Blink') is, in fact, Romana. It also welcomes Sally/Romana femmeslash.
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